For all guests that are not staying at the hotel, but still wish to start a day with a delicious breakfast we have prepared a special breakfast offer.


Continental breakfast (buffet table with drinks) 12,90€

Additional items:

2 eggs on preferable way 4,00€

Omelette 4,50€

Pancake 1,50€

American pancakes  1,70€

Buckwheat porridge 4,50€

Oatmeal 3,50€

Frankfurter (baked or cooked) 1,50€

Homemade grilled spicy sausage 2,00€

Carnolian sausage 2,50€

Grilled vegetable 1,50€

Grilled bacon 1,00€

Eggs Benedict  5,50€

Eggs Florentine 4,50€

Eggs Benedict Royal 6,90€

Buckwheat and walnuts rolled dumpling »Ajdovi štruklji« 3,50€

Cottage cheese rolled dumpling »Štruklji« 3,00€

Daily dessert 3,50€