Hotel Cubo is celebrating nomination for The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award

Hotel Cubo is celebrating nomination for The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award.  Haute Grandeur  is a prestigious globally trusted awards initiative building its reputation as the world’s leading awards initiative by rewarding outstanding hotel experiences.

To become successful and stay successful, it’s important to adapt to new trends and to change your own vision and strategy accordingly. But one thing has remained over the years: our hospitality and personal attention for guests. In the most part, we owe our success to our loyal guests. However, it is not difficult to amaze guests if you are settled in European Green Capital 2016- a charming city of Ljubljana. Ljubljana is linked by a constellation of pretty squares and it’s charming old town curves gently around the castle, which stands as the perfect reference point over the city or a jumping-off point into the rest of Slovenia.
Winning an award would not only create awareness about the value and importance of constantly raising the quality of our hotel services, but it would also be a great promotion for our city and travel destinaton.

For The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award results are guaranteed by placing emphasis on quality feedback from guests, rather than quantity of votes by a panel of judges or general public. We would apprecate if you would take time and add your vote for Hotel CUBO.


Thank you for your kind interest to promote hotel Cubo and Ljubljana.


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