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Hotel Ambassadors: Žak

One of our most loyal visitors is also a dog named Žak. Each week he visits our restaurant with his owner and represents the meaning of our pet friendly hotel. We understand that your pet is part of the family. Sometimes a vacation just wouldn’t be the same without a wagging tail tagging along.

At hotel Cubo, we’re happy to give your furry friends a pet-friendly welcome. Our reception staff will be pleased to offer more information on pet stores in the area and suggest the best options on where to walk your dog.

Visit our hotel page for more details for hotel’s pet policy.

To make sure we’ve got a pet-friendly room reserved, please let us know that you pet friend will be joining you in advance, preferably at the time of booking.

Hotel Ambassadors: Brina Svit

CUBO ambassadors: We are dedicating this blog posts to the ambassadors of our hotel, guests that are truly one of the most loyal clients. It is always a sheer pleasure to welcome them back at our hotel.


Brina Svit, is a writer who has long written in Slovenian and French language and is well known in Slovenia.

At hotel Cubo we are always honored when she visits us. She is one of our regular guests and we are extremely pleased, that our hotel is her first choice when she visits Ljubljana.

At her last stay with us, she devoted us a few kind words and comment, for which we would like to thank her.

“Cubo is my home in Ljubljana, just what I need, when I come for a few days to Ljubljana: friendly, quiet, refined, nothing too much, nothing too little … just the right amount of everything. Not to mention the best breakfast in town…”

Brina Svit books.