Enjoy shopping, then relax in comfort.

One of the great things about Ljubljana is the fact that you can shop the old-fashioned way: strolling the city centre’s streets, ducking in and out of any number of high street stores, local brands and cute little boutiques. A number of stores have locations on the streets that abut the river, making this – if we’re honest – one of our favourite shopping cities in Europe.

The main shopping streets in the city centre are Mestni and Stari Trg at the base of Castle Hill, Trubarjeva, WolfovaUlica and Miklošičeva on the opposite bank. There are also plenty of stores in the grid of streets between Slovenska Cesta and the river.

Whereas department stores like GalerijaEmporuim, Maxi and Nama and stores with the Italian high fashion offer the usual array of goods, surprises await you in some smaller shops or street stalls. Some of these are owned by people known in the Slovenian world of design. The Slovenian design has established itself with a number of talented designers such as Katja and Jure Bricman, Alenka Draž, AlmiraSadar, Matjaž Vlah, Barbara K. Germ and many others, who live, work and sell their products in Ljubljana, most of Slovenian designer stores you can find on Tavčarjevaulica, a bit outside of the old city centre.


Central Market

Apart from fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, Ljubljana’s picturesque central open-air market, designed by the famous architect Jože Plečnik, offers almost all kinds of food, including a variety of Slovenian specialities such as prosciutto and the potica cake. Ljubljana’s central market is more than just a place to shop: traditionally, it is also a place for the locals to meet and socialise.

Open-air section:
Weekdays 6:00-18:00, Saturday 6:00-16:00 during summer, 6:00-16:00 in winter. Sundays and holidays closed

Covered section in the Pogačarjev trg square:
Weekdays 7:00-16:00, Saturday 7:00-14:00.

Covered section under Plečnik’s Colonnade:
Weekdays 7:00-16:00, Saturday 7:00-14:00.


Typical Slovenian products

Among the typical Slovenian products are the Idrijan lace, the Rogaška glassworks, painted frontal boards of beehives, skilfully painted and decorated Easter eggs, gingerbread and gingerbread hearts, wooden ware from Ribnica and others.

Crystal glass products by the SteklarnaRogaška / Rogaška Glassworks glass factory, Mestnitrg 22. Monday to Saturday 9:00-20:00, Sunday closed.

Etnogalerija Skrina (Breg 8) is a shop offering a fine selection of arts and crafts items and souvenirs related to Slovenian cultural heritage. Monday to Friday 10:00-18.00, Saturday 10:00-13:00.

Galerija Idrijske čipke- Idrian Lace Sales Gallery (Mestni trg 17). The gallery gives bobbin lace making demonstrations and sells unique handmade Idrija lace products such as curtains, tablecloths and napkins. Each genuine Idrija lace item is labelled as a product of Protected Geographical Indication. Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00, Saturdays 10:00-14:00.

Piranske soline (Mestni trg 19). Products with a touch of the Mediterranean based on sea salt harvested using a traditional method. Monday to Friday 9:00-20:00, Saturday 9:00-15:00, Sunday and Public holidays 10:00-15:00.

For those wishing to take a little something of Ljubljana home with them, the TIC Ljubljana Shop (AdamičLundrovonabrežje 2, 1000 Ljubljana) offers a wide assortment of souvenirs and small works of art. Particularly worth mentioning are the Turizem Ljubljana / Ljubljana Tourism, which reflect the characteristics of Ljubljana by combining the city’s arts and crafts tradition with modern design. The most authentic of them are branded as Souvenir of Ljubljana.



Maxi Market (Trg Republike 1)

Slovenia’s most storied department store recently received an extensive interior makeover, bringing the modern shopping experience to the heart of the city centre while still maintaining the building’s landmark façade. Cosmetics, accessories, men’s and women’s fashion – including collections from several noted Slovene designers – are spread across the top three floors, whereas the basement level is home to arguably the country’s best supermarket. Several other shops, boutiques and restaurants are located in the brightly lit underground arcade on the same premises.

Open 09:00-21:00, Sat 08:00-17:00. Closed Sun.

Nama (Tomšičeva 1)

Set in the heart of the city centre, just opposite the central post office, this modern department store offers several floors of clothing for men and women, with brands ranging from sporty to trendy to sophisticated. A large selection of household items can be found on the fourth floor and a supermarket stocked with an appetizing variety of ready meals, salads, produce and other quick eats is in the basement, while the ground floor is where you will find cosmetics and accessories.

Open 08:30-20:00, Sat 09:00-20:00. Closed Sun.

Galerija Emporium (Prešernov trg 5a)

After nearly a year of renovations, this luxury department store opened in the beautiful Art Nouveau Urbanc Building in September 2010. Located right on Prešeren Square, Galerija Emporium is a shoe and accessories Mecca, offering over 20,000 shoes from some 100 different brands, more than 2,000 bags, and five floors of designer clothing from the world’s top names for both men and women. And even if you’re not in need of any clothing or accessories, the building itself is worth a look.

Open 10:00-21:00, Sat 10:00-20:00, Sun 11:00-17:00.

BTC City (Šmartinska 152)

The largest thing of its kind in the country, the positively humungous BTC features not only some 450 shops selling everything you could possibly imagine, but also boasts restaurants galore, bars, a post office, multiplex cinema, indoor go-cart racing, a comedy theatre, billiards, volleyball courts, an enormous water park, conference facilities and its very own business district housing some of the best known local and international companies. There’s free parking for more than 8,500 vehicles too, all just a couple of kilometres out of the centre of the city in the general direction of Maribor.

Open 09:00-20:00. Closed Sun.

Supernova (Jurčkova 223)

Ljubljana’s newest shopping centre is located on the outskirts of the city in Rudnik, and offers plenty of space to leave your car while you go enjoy spending your hard-earned cash. Check out the all-you-can-eat sushi place, which is great value for your money.

Open 09:00-21:00, Sat 08:00-21:00, Sun 09:00-15:00.


Shopping discounts from Hotelu CUBO (ask for the discounts at reception desk)

At Hotel CUBO we strive to achieve high standards and always aim to exceed guests expectations and in that respect we have prepared a special offer for a real shopping experience.

Upon the request, our staff will also arrange a complimentary delivery of purchases to the hotel and personal shooping assistant Mrs. Maja Bulc, that will provide expect advice and give the highest level of customized and personal customer service possible to individual shoppers.

La Chocolate (10 % discount) – Unique and exclusive Slovenian chocolate products specially made for diverse taste that will never disappoint.

Laura etno galerija (10 % discount) – Etno galerija Laura offers traditional and contemporary arts and crafts, various art objects made of ceramics, stone, wood or glass by renowned Slovenian artists and designers such as the world famous Oskar Kogoj, and a choice of Richelieu embroidery products, traditional Idrija bobbin lace, and crochet items made in-house.

Ikona (5-10 % discount) – Located in the centre of Ljubljana, the Ikona Shopping Mall offers prestigious brandsof clothing, fashion accessories and cosmetics, collections from international fashion icons, cuisine and top-quality examples of Slovenian design, all under the roof.

Cliché (10 % discount) – The Cliché shop-gallery – we design smart clothes that touch your heart. 

Crystal glass products by the SteklarnaRogaška / Rogaška Glassworks glass factory (10 % discount) – Crystal glass products by the Steklarna Rogaška / Rogaška Glassworks glass factory. Rogaška 1665 is a showroom and gallery of Steklarna Rogaška, one of the world’s leading crystal ware manufacturers, whose broad knowledge of designing and making crystal ware has accumulated over the company’s nearly 350-year history. Carrying on its centuries-long tradition of glass-making, Steklarna Rogaška produces only handmade crystal ware, well known for its high quality and innovative designs.

In 2007 and 2008, Steklarna Rogaška received the prestigious Five Star Diamond Award of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.

Galerija Emporium (7 % discount) – The Galerija Emporium, a large fashion store stocking major international fashion brands, is housed in a renovated Art Nouveau palace, once home to Ljubljana’s first department store, opened in 1903. The Galerija Emporium is set on five floors offering clothing, footwear and fashion accessories from renowned international fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen, Versace, Escada, Kenzo, Etro, Roberto Cavalli, Ermenegildo Zegna, Polo Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, and Calvin Klein. Young fashion aficionados can choose from brands such as Salsa Jeans, Diesel, Supertrash, Drykorn, Michael Kors, Moschino, D&G in Tory Burch. The whole second floor is dedicated to showcasing fashion from Slovenian designers and the trhird floor to Desigual.

Viktor Barlič (10-15 % discount) – The Viktor Barlič shop has a long tradition of offering leather products of its own design, handmade from top quality materials. Apart from its own-brand women’s handbags and fashion accessories, it sells women’s footwear from Italian and, since recently, Spanish brands.

ZOOFA (10 % discount) – The shop Zoofa offers unique products by Slovenian designers: clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry and unique small items for home decoration. Various events and designer meetings are organized occasionally. 

MUD Studio (30 % discount) – for all MUD (make-up designory) products and free consuting.