Four-Legged guests

Hotel CUBO would like to welcome you and your four-legged friend.

Hotel CUBO would like to welcome you and your pet. For the safety and comfort of all of our guests, including those not traveling with four-legged friends we would kindly ask you to follow our pet policies and guidelines.

  • Non-refundable pet fee of 35EUR will be charged per room, per night, over and above your room rate, unless otherwise agreed with hotel. Additional fee covers the additional time and effort for cleaning the room after your visit as some guests may suffer from allergies.
  • Welcome doggy-care kit well be added to your room on arrival.
  • Two pet maximum per room. If you have more than two pets, it will be necessary to reserve an additional room(s).
  • Your pet is also our guest. All pets at the hotel must be registered.
  • A hotel door hanger must be displayed on the outside of your room door at all times.
  • Housekeeping service—the pet must be removed from the room prior to housekeeping service or other arrangements must be made with hotel reception. Hotel staff will not enter your room for servicing if a pet is not crated. Please contact the front desk to arrange a suitable time for the housekeeping staff to service your room each day.
  • If your pet likes to sit on the couch, then put down a sheet or towel for it to lie on. Our houskeeping can also provide you with blanket for your pet on request.
  • Our houskeeping can provide you with pet bowl for your pets food and mat to place it under the bowl.
  • Pet may be left unattended in your room. However, if you leave the premises of the hotel with your pet unattended in the room, the pet must be in a crate or pet carrier while you are gone.
  • Pets are not allowed in the public areas of the hotel such as restaurant, fitness room or lobby.
  • Pets must be on a controllable leash at all times when outside the guest rooom.
  • Please do not bathe your pet in guest room bathrooms during your visit.
  • Even dogs that are usually very quiet tend to bark in an unfamiliar environment. Please quiet an excited pet as soon as possible. If your dog is troublesome to other guests (barking, aggression, etc), we will contact you for your immediate attention.
  • Keep you pet under your control and don’t let them approach others without an invitation.
  • You are responsible for any property damage, cleaning costs, personal injury or noise disturbance caused by your pet. Should your pet cause any damage or have an accident in your guest room, please contact our reception staff immediately.

These guidelines exist to ensure safety and comfort for pets, guests traveling with them, and other guests – with or without pets.

Our reception staff will be pleased to offer more information on pet stores in the area and suggest the best options on where to walk your dog.