Exploring Ljubljana by bicycle

At hotel Cubo we want you to enjoy our city as much as we do. In this respect we suggest only best quality services to our guests. Services that we have tried out before ourselves. We have tested bike tour organised by Ljubljana Toursim, to give you first hand information next time when you decide to explore our city. Our staff members Luka and Saša joined bike tour guide Urban on one of the tours around Ljubljana. Even if you know all the top attractions, history of our citly and you think you know all the little secrets, there is still a chance that you will learn or see something new. Ljubljana is easily accessible by foot, but a bicycle gives you an oportunity to explore Ljubljana’s outskirts. With an engaging guide a tour that lasts around three hours will end even to soon and you will fall in love with our green city for sure.

Ljubljana being a city with a green soul and a high level of environmental awareness, it has managed to preserve its green character to the present day. The city is in touch with nature committed to putting in place advanced measures for sustainable development. In this section, you can join various guided tours and activities organised by Ljubljana Tourism that best reflect its green soul.

Tour information

With increasing urbanization, our cities need modern solutions for mobility. Among the 20 cities, that are bike-friendly, Ljubljana took 13th place. Emphasis on increased level of cycling infrastructure, also contributed that it was selected as the European Green Capital of 2016.

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