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CUBO at Slovenian Incoming Workshop SIW

This year the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) organized the Slovenian Incoming Workshop, SIW2019, for the 22nd time. In addition to formal meetings where representatives of Slovenian tourist companies and organizations, hotels, travel agencies, spas, the public sector in tourism, congress centres and other tourism providers, as well as representatives of foreign tour operators and tourist agencies meet, there is a wide range of informal meetings. At the same time, the STO also prepared experiences for foreign visitors where they could experience Slovenia ant its beauties.

More than 400 participants from 37 countries gathered this year at SIW, which is a key event for the pormotion of Slovenian tourism. Slovenian providers thus had the opportunity to conclude concrete deals with key foreign partners.

Our team with Luka Ocvirk and Sandi Kovačević represented Hotel CUBO, Diners CUBO golf course and new CUBO projects.

Foto: Luka O. in Terme Olimia (@TermeOlimia)

Chat with a member of the CUBO team!

We are so happy to announce our LIVE CHAT!

We want to make it easy as possible for you to answer any quick questions you may have. Chat with a member of the CUBO team in case you might need any help with reservations or in case you might not find an information you were looking for on our website.

Live chat modules, if unfamiliar with them, are a window that pops up on a website, allowing you to chat through text with one of our reception staff members on the other end. The best part about the chat is that it is simple to use. You only need to open the chat window and start typing away.

Our team is always available and looking forward to chat with you.

20th Slovenian Incoming Workshop (SIW)

The 20th Slovenian Incoming Workshop (SIW), the flagship event of Slovenian tourism industry, took place in Ljubljana from 11th to 13th May 2017.

Slovenian Touris Board was extremely proud to host 188 participants coming from 146 different companies and 42 countries, and 220 Slovenian partners from 130 different companies.

It was our pleasure to be a part of the event, meeting new partners for future cooperations, presenting Slovenia to foreign visitors and enjoying time with our fellow tourism partners.

Looking forward to be a part of the event also in 2018.

Meet Cubo staff: Elizaveta Kanevskaya- Event manager

A short interview with Elizaveta Kanevskaya, Event managet at hotel CUBO in Kongres magazine.

”I love the industry I am working in, meeting new people from all over the world, working with great business partners, colleagues from the tourism industry and to be a part of a CUBO team.”

Full intewrview available HERE.

Hotel Cubo at Best stay 2016

Our manager was a part of Best Stay conference that took place from 17.11 to 18.11.2016 at Grand Hotel Royal in Opatija. Conference gathered more than 250 participants from the entire region. After two very interesting days professionals, hoteliers, owners, architects and marketing professionals discussed current issues in the tourism industry.

Official website of the conference:


Hotel Cubo staff- teambuilding, April 2016

A pursuit of better team interaction and cross-departmental communication prompted team Cubo to meet at the Gibanje equestrian club in Depala Vas. Although team-building exercises were a priority, we still had plenty of time to relax and have some laughs!


“Meet Cubo staff”

Housekeeping management is at the core of hotel operations and can make a significant difference between a reputed hotel and one that guests are unlikely to visit again. The primary housekeeping duty is to ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of hotel rooms and to ascertain that they are properly stocked with the supplies to which guests are entitled. A hotel housekeeping manager not only supervises housekeepers in conducting their duties but also investigates any complaints guests make and takes corrective action.

Stanojka, Housekeeping manager


How did you start working at Cubo?

I came to Ljubljana from Bosnia and Hercegovina with my my two daughters. Upon arrival I immediately started to looking for a job. A lady I knew offered me to work for her. I was hired as a maid and began to work at CUBO soon after opening. After a successful period of three months, the hotel management has given me a chance to employ me which I gladly accepted.


What is your assignment?

As I said, I started to work as a maid, but with a hard work and dedication I gradually worked my way up. Currently I am a Housekeeping manager. I organize work of the housekeeping department, arrange orders for housekeeping supply, organize laundry pick-up and delivery with an external partner. Besides that I am also in charge of purchasing room decorations and common areas of the hotel. Each employee, as well as the management has its own assignments. However, we used to work in a small community and it is very important to cooperate and help each other at a daily routine.

How does the day in hotel housekeeping looks like?

Daily work is divided into two shifts. Two to three maids usually work in the morning, depends on the hotel occupancy and only one lady works in the afternoon. There are two major assignments in the morning shifts: preparation of all the rooms which are planned for arrival guests and refreshment of occupied rooms. We also clean the restaurant after breakfast and before lunch. The hotel must look flawless at all times. The lady in the afternoon shift prepares turn down service for all hotel rooms and once again clean all common areas. In case of an event, the hotel housekeeping is in charge of meeting room preparation, helps with a table set up for coffee breaks and we also take care of the office supplies layout.

Who replaces you when you are not at hotel? How is your department organized?

In the event if I am not present at the hotel, my colleague Esada is in charge. There are standards and work instructions for every single job at the hotel. This is the major reason why my absence does not affect daily assignments.

Where do you put most attention at preparing guests rooms?

Besides the cleanliness the most important aspect is to know the guest’s habits. Guests who frequently travel and are regularly coming back, much appreciate if on their next arrival the room is prepared as suites them that they feel like at home. Reception staff already assigns a preferred room to a regular guest at booking. Housekeeping then stokes mini bar with their preffered items, adds any extra towels or extra pillows, places a welcome letter with a small gift. A while ago, for example, we had a guest that liked dark chocolate. So upon his return to the hotel we always added a box of home-made dark chocolate prepared by our kitchen in his room. I think that certain things, such as tidiness and cleanliness could make a significant difference. Small acts of attention are most appreciated by our guests.

Is  housekeeping aware of the importance of their work?

I think housekeeping must necessarily be aware of the importance of their work at all times. We believe that cleanliness is one of the main aspects of a great hotel. The guest who will not be satisfied with cleanliness and  orderliness of the hotel will be certainly not coming back. In addition to cleanliness one of the most important aspects is taking care of the guests so they feel most comfortable and homely at hotel. This atmosphere is not difficult to create if the staff is always willing to help. Specifically guests that return to the hotel often.

What are the guests at hotel like?

Hotel guests are usually very friendly and polite. Sometimes some of the guests wishes are really challenging, but we are trying to fulfill their needs and expectations.

What is the most unusual desire, question, habit from the guest?

There are many interesting things happening in the hotel, but the hotel respects the privacy of our guests, so I would not want to mention anything. Perhaps I can say that a while ago we were surprised by the guest request in the early morning. He had a huge desire to propose a marriage to his partner. So on Sunday morning when most of the shops are closed, we have managed to organize a bouquet of flowers, a favourite chocolate and to prepare a romantic room set up with candles and champagne in a very short amount of time.

What is the most enjoyable of working at Cubo?

Working in a hotel is always interesting, because something is always happening. Recently we changed the choice of flowers in the rooms, then we repainted the entire hotel and renovated beds, which added an additional responsibilities and burden our department. The most interesting is definitely when we help guests to organise special events such as anniversaries, engagements, birthdays. Working in a small hotel as CUBO is particularly pleasant because of cooperation among colleagues. Every employee becomes a part of CUBO family.

What is the most inconvenient thing that happened in hotel?

The most inconvenient things for the entire hotel are those that we do not have an influence, but still reflect the guests visit. Perhaps at the moment the renovation of Slovenska street is the main struggle we have. However I believe that after a few weeks when works will be done the location of hotel will shine even better.

Does the hotel staff expects from your department to clean after them?

In the hotel everyone knows their responsibilities. Thus, each employee must also take care of the cleanliness at their workplace.

Do you also have your own apartment arranged like a hotel room?

I do take care of my own apartment with all the will and desire, as well as for the hotel. 

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

So far I have learned a lot, gained a lot of experiences and made a huge progress at my work. I believe that in 5 years I will learn even more and that I will be able to transfer my knowledge to new hotels under CUBO brand.

New award for CUBO: World Luxury Hotel Awards


We are proud to once again receive an award World Luxury Hotel Awards. Hotel Cubo was this year declared as the best hotel in the category of Best Luxury Boutique Hotel.
Winning the World Luxury Hotel Awards is recognition of excellence in services provided by hotels on global scale. Prizes are awarded in various categories for hotels at national, continental and global levels. 200 winners in more than 50 categories received awards at the event, which took place in the 5 * Harbour Grand Hong Kong.
Any reward for our hotel is a recognition of our hard work and great pride for our enitre team.

“Meet Cubo staff”


Ana, kitchen staff


How did you start working at Cubo?

After completing veterinary school I decided that I would like to pursuit my other passion: cooking. So I got enrolled in school for catering and tourism. After completing the first year it was time for my first student practice in the kitchen. At school, there was not much emphasis on cooking itself, and even less on baking desserts. So with no necessary knowledge, but with a lot of willingness to learn, I began my practice at Cubo. After finishing the practice, manager of the hotel offed me summer work in the kitchen. After summer I returned to school, but agreed that few times a week I would prepare desserts for hotel. At that time, I was not too excited about the idea that I would be preparing just desserts. I wanted to be involved in preparing lunches. Well, now, I woud never leave this baking life.

What is your assignment at Cubo?

Today, my job is to prepare all cakes and jams. This includes preparing desserts for breakfast, finger food caterings, coffee breaks at events, desserts for lunch and a la carte desserts.


When did you realise that desserts will be your passion?

Since younger years, I was always in charge of baking cakes for family members, for various family gatherings and celebrations. As mentioned earlier, I fell in love with pastry later, when I found out more about work and realised that there is still la lot to learn.


Do you have favorite ingredients?

I do not have favorite ingredients, but in desserts I like to use spices: rosemary, fennel, basil, nutmeg.


What are the desserts at Cubo like?

Desserts at the hotel are mainly seasonal. In springtime we like flavors of rhubarb, strawberries. In summer, refreshing desserts such as the ones with yogurt, apricot. In autumn chestnuts, plums, persimmons, apples and in winter oranges, chocolate, cinnamon, walnuts, hazelnuts …


Do you invent the recipes yourself? Where are you getting the ideas from?

I find a lot of ideas at pastry books. Then I like to rework recipes myslef to flavors, combinations and variations that are to my liking.


What is your favourite dessert?

Hmm, it is a difficult question. Because I spend a lot of time baking cakes I am fed up with sugary smell. That is why at home I like Milka chocolate. To tell you the truth, I hardly ever eat my own creations. Unless I am working on something new. Although currently my favorite is pie with pineapple, cocounut and rosemary.


Which desserts are guests favorites?

The cake Salt flower is definitely the most popular one. However it depends on the season. In summer, they prefer light cakes, in autum pies and strudels and in winter flavors of anise, cinnamon, orange and chocolate.


Do you decide for yourself which desserts you wish to prepare? Who tests them before they end up on the menu?

When I am testing new recepies the entire kitchen staff tests the results. I appreciate every comment so I can improve the final taste of dessert.


What do you like most abot your work? What do you dislike?

I love to create new desserts, decorating cakes and to prepare plates for final serving. Dessert tastes even better when it is nicely served. It is also interesting that with a piece of dessert I can bribe every employee of the hotel.


For the new year you prepared your Cubo pralines, gifts for hotel guests? Is this your biggest pride?

To prepare pralines is quite demanding. The preparation is very difficult when yo do not have the proper equipement intended for pralines. But I like challenges. If I do not suceede the first time in something, I will repeate it again and again as long as it is not perfect.


What are your aspirations for the future?

My great desire is to improve my work and to become better and better.