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CUBO friends: Gönc Winery

– Gönc family has been involved in winegrowing and wine production for four generations. In a nutshell, what is a story of Gönc winery? What is a little extra that sets you apart from other Slovenian winemakers?

The vines were laid in our cradle four generations ago when my grandfather planted the first vineyard and decided the family’s fate. From generation to generation, we have expanded our winery and increased the production of wine-making. Our focus is still on traditional, autochthonic varieties, but we are also playing with wine grape types that are not typical for the region. Therefore our wines differ slightly from those typical for the Styria region because we focus primarily on red and mature white wines. We want to show that there is plenty of room for the development of winemaking, to differentiate yourself and step outside of traditional frames.

– Traditionally wine turns into wine on St. Martin’s Day. What can we expect from your winery? What can you say regarding this year’s harvest?

This year, the weather was quite turbulent and stressful for all Slovene winegrowers. At first frost, then the hail that hit several times both had an impact on vines. The crop is smaller, but at the end, we expect an above-average year and wines of 2017 are very rich and aromatic.

-Winemaking is one of those romantic-sounding careers that you dream about as you’re happily sipping on a big glass of wine after a long day at your desk job. Is it a dream job? What is the most challenging part of the wine business? The most rewarding?

If you could at one time dress the winemaker in all the clothes he wears during working hours, he would look very colorful. On one leg he would wear a working rubber boot, on another stylish shoe, work pants, stylish shirt over it and a thermal sweater on the top. In one hand, scissors in the second bottle opener, on the head headlamp and a smile on the face. The work of the vine grower and winemaker is very diverse, covering a wide range of work from vineyards to social events and marketing. Pleasant and innovative work of developing wine also includes many sleepless nights at the time of harvest, stressful days when the wine is in the wine cellar and also numerous absences from home and family due to promotion and sale in Slovenia and abroad.

-In December, we choose you for the winemaker of the month and guests in our hotel restaurant will be able to try your wines for lunch or dinner for a whole month. Any suggestion or hint from your side on how to choose the right wine for the right dishes?

When choosing a wine to a specific dish, I personally stick to “keep it simple” principle. Of course, there are basic guidelines, but why not experiment with the selection and be pleasantly surprised – sometimes the combination of food and wine is most fortunate when we try something new and unexpected.

– The design of your wine bottles is a bit special. Can you say that in addition to bottle contents, the outer appearance of the bottle is also important?

It is not only the character of the wine that expresses the winemaker, but also the label. The story of four generations with the addition of boldness is combined in the labels of our wine bottles. Above all, we wanted the bottle itself to be perfectly designed.

Foto: Gönc Winery

AnB (Art and Bed) project exhibition at hotel CUBO

Institute Art Murn International is organising a project AnB (Art and Bed), based on connecting local tourism and art via by promoting Slovenian artists in four luxury hotels in Ljubljana, where they can exhibit two of their pieces. Together 24 local artists will exhibit their artwork.

Hotel CUBO is proud that few of the pieces will also be presented for next two months at CUBO. Event will open on 25.7.2017 at 18:00.

Institute AAMI


20th Slovenian Incoming Workshop (SIW)

The 20th Slovenian Incoming Workshop (SIW), the flagship event of Slovenian tourism industry, took place in Ljubljana from 11th to 13th May 2017.

Slovenian Touris Board was extremely proud to host 188 participants coming from 146 different companies and 42 countries, and 220 Slovenian partners from 130 different companies.

It was our pleasure to be a part of the event, meeting new partners for future cooperations, presenting Slovenia to foreign visitors and enjoying time with our fellow tourism partners.

Looking forward to be a part of the event also in 2018.

Guest reviews

It is delightful to read that our guest described hotel  Cubo as one of the best hotels he has ever stayed in. Lovely couple stayed in our hotel, for the special occasion and our team did the very best to create  a memorable experience for them. It is highly valuable to us that our passion for guest service is recognised. Find some interesting tips where to go, when in Ljubljana and about their stay in our hotel, in his travel blog The Travelogue.


Ambasadorji hotela: Blanka & Aleksandra

CUBO ambassadors: We are dedicating this blog posts to the ambassadors of our hotel, guests that are truly one of the most loyal clients. It is always a sheer pleasure to welcome them back at our hotel.


Comment as written by our dear guests Blanka and Alexandra is just a confirmaton of our dedication to make our guests feel like at home at CUBO. Guests feeling like among friends at CUBO is more than we could hope for.

”Cubo hotel is a cozy haven of sophisticated elegance, when after a long working day (or during) the restaurant or al fresco lounge view is adorned with beautiful Ljubljana Castle. Every meeting with CUBO team feels like meeting an old friends. Nevertheless they maintain the professional level at all times – at lunch, business meeting, afterwork drink, or just while having a cup of coffee in the lobby. It makes the day nicer. Thanks Cubo for beeing there!”

Blanka & Lexi


Photoshoot with Aleš Bravničar

At hotel CUBO restaurant new menu will be available very soon for all our dear guests. As always it will offer great, fresh, tasteful dishes. Friend of the hotel, Aleš Bravničar is a one of greatest Slovenian photographers. For many years his photos are seen in well know magazine for men, in high fashion magazines and in photo stories of  agverising agencies. He was kind enough to shoot few photos of our chef’s new creations.

Take a look at few photos from behind the sceenes and you will be able to tase new dishes in out hotel Cubo restaurant.