Ambasadorji hotela: Blanka & Aleksandra

CUBO ambassadors: We are dedicating this blog posts to the ambassadors of our hotel, guests that are truly one of the most loyal clients. It is always a sheer pleasure to welcome them back at our hotel.


Comment as written by our dear guests Blanka and Alexandra is just a confirmaton of our dedication to make our guests feel like at home at CUBO. Guests feeling like among friends at CUBO is more than we could hope for.

”Cubo hotel is a cozy haven of sophisticated elegance, when after a long working day (or during) the restaurant or al fresco lounge view is adorned with beautiful Ljubljana Castle. Every meeting with CUBO team feels like meeting an old friends. Nevertheless they maintain the professional level at all times – at lunch, business meeting, afterwork drink, or just while having a cup of coffee in the lobby. It makes the day nicer. Thanks Cubo for beeing there!”

Blanka & Lexi


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