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The word Cubo sets for originality, setting new standards and cosmopolitan ambiance. On the corner of Slovenska cesta street and Erjavčeva is a new confirmation of all three: Hotel Cubo.

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Room 107 was spacious with two huge windows. The décor is sleek and modern, but the bed is sumptuously appointed with down and high quality linens. We arrived in the rain, with the forecast for more of the same. We remarked that if we had to spend 48 hours here while it poured outside, we could still be happy! Fortunately the actual weather conditions surpassed the forecast and we were able to do our planned touring. We must comment on the amazing breakfast spread. So pretty and tasty and SO many offerings… including champagne! The front desk was so helpful as well. You will not be disappointed if you choose this hotel.

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Double room

14 double rooms with king size bed (double) and 7 double rooms with two single beds (twin).

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Single room

Three single rooms. A relaxing comfort with a sense of elegance.

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Junior suite

Two apartments with a large round bed and panoramic views of the castle.

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