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Christmas gifts from Ljubljana

Struggling for Christmas gift inspiration? Relax – we’ve got this. Just to help you with your last minute Christmas shopping for your family, friends and loved ones, we have prepared a list of few unique items for a Christmas gift with a difference. 


Slovenian honey
Slovenians have always been a nation of beekeepers. Slovenian beekeepers produce good quality and safe honey. Besides this Slovenian beekeepers offer a wide variety of bee products.
Available in shops around the city center or at Kraševka shop.

Kraševka shop address: Vodnikov trg 4


Piran salt
The Piran Salt Pans are among those rare salt pans in the world where salt is produced using centuries-old processes, involving entirely natural crystallisation, working by hand and employing tools and procedures used by our ancestors. In Piranske soilne shop you can but The Piran salt and various salt-based products.
Piranske soline website: HERE 
Piranske soline shop address: Mestni trg 19

Rogaška crystal
With a tradition of 350 years, Rogaška is a chic & trendy luxury brand, creating premium home and lifestyle products in high-quality crystal.
Steklarna Rogaška website: HERE 
 Steklarna Rogaška shop: Mestni trg 22


Idrija Lace
Idrija lace is a bobbin tape lace. The tape is made with bobbins at the same time as the rest of the lace, curving back on itself, and joined using a crochet hook. Lace produced in Idrija is now appreciated as an ethnological, cultural, technological and handcrafted treasure to be preserved.
Available in shops around the city or at Galerija Idrijske čipke shop

Galerija Idrijske čipke shop address: Mestni trg 17


The Slovenia Book
The Slovenia Book is the work of a group of experienced foreign writers who reside in the country and are passionate about sharing their collected knowledge of our amazing country. THE Slovenia Book is a great companion on any visit to Slovenia.
Company THE Slovenia International Publishing House is the #1 source of professionally-written travel and tourism information. You can also visit their The Slovenia Shop, just next door from hotel CUBO where you will find unlimited supply of tourist information in the form of maps and guides and a wide variety of premium Slovene souvenirs.
The Slovenia Shop website HERE

The Slovenia Shop address: Slovenska cesta 17


Porcelain Catbriyur
Porcelain Catbriyur is a top-quality porcelain developed and handcrafted by the designers Katja and Jure Bricman. Even Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, was presented an exclusive gold-encrusted Royal Collection tea set during her official state visit to Slovenia a few years ago.

Website: HERE

Address: Ciril- Metodov trg 19

Museum water
Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is renowned for its rich supply of high-quality drinking water. Protecting water sources is one of the sustainable projects that have brought Ljubljana the flattering title of European Green Capital 2016. We invite you to fill your bottle from one of Ljubljana’s public drinking fountains and taste this natural treasure. Whenever you fill the Museum Water bottle with drinking water, remember what a precious liquid you are consuming.
Available at City museum website HERE

Mestni muzej/ City museum address: Gosposka 15


Cups with personality
If you laugh your pants off while drinking morning coffee, your day bodes well. That is why Polonapolona draws interpretations of honorable literati, prominent historical figures, fallen heroes and upstanding citizens on best kind of porcelain cups.
Polonapolona website: HERE

Available at shops and bookstores in the city center.


Urban coloring book Ljubljana
The book presents realistic views of the city while the drawings of patterns are all inspired by façade or folk art elements from the city. The coloring book Ljubljana is a visual art representation of the city with educational note. The acompanying text of the drawings gives a brief data on city attractions, their authors and history, and some playful trivia of life in the city.

Avaialble at bookstores.


Ljubljana dragon
Symbol of the Slovenian capital, and sentinel of the iconic Emperor Franz Josef Jubilee Bridge, Ljubljana’s dragon is comfortably the city’s most recognizable resident. You will find dragons of all shapes and sizes in shops around the centre. Or just visit Ljubljana Tourist office.
Ljubljana Tourist office shop website: HERE
Ljubljana Tourist office shop address: Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 2


Having a picnic in the city is a great way to enjoy time with your loved ones, soak in some nature, or just relax with a bite to eat after a long day of walking around. Choose a place from our list of the best picnic spots in Ljubljana, take our bikes and picnic basket, and head to these spots for some fun in the sun.

Tivoli park is a beautiful park located in the centre of the city. You can spend all afternoon there by just walking around or you can take a blanket with you and make a small picnic for yourself. It’s a much more fun than going to a restaurant, not to mention the scenery. A number of cultural sights are also found here, including the 17th century Tivoli Mansion and the International Centre of Graphic Arts.

If you want a perfect view of Ljubljana, a visit to the Ljubljana Castle is a must. It is only a few minutes’ walk, but the view will take your breath away.

A short walk from hotel is the oldest botanical garden in Europe, established in 1810 and containing 4,500 different species and subspecies. The most tranquil respite from the city buzz is a perfect location to soak up some nature.

An only ten minutes‘ walk from the historical city centre of Ljubljana brings you to a renovated Ljubljanica river embankment landscaped as a park called Špica. In the past, Špica was a town beach. Due to its pleasant green surroundings and a large area paved with wood, it still attracts numerous residents and visitors wanting to bask in the sun on fine weather days.

Tip from CUBO team: visit Plečnik house

Ljubljana will dedicate year 2017 to Jože Plečnik (Plecnik), an architect that redesigned the city of Ljubljana. With this the city will commemorate two anniversaries of his life; 145 years since his birth (23 January 1872) and the 60th anniversary of his death (7 January 1957).

Plečnik, who was born only few steps from hotel CUBO began his career in Vienna and Prague. The Czechoslovak president at the time, Tomáš Masaryk, appointed Plečnik chief architect for the 1920 renovation of the Prague Castle.

Plečnik gave the capital of Slovenia, the city of Ljubljana iconic look, by designing iconic buildings such as the Slovene National and University Library building, famous Triple Bridge, embankments along the Ljubljanica River, the Ljubljana open market buildings, the Ljubljana cemetery, the Stadium, the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (now the Constitutional Court) , the Mutual Assurance Company. He also renovated Križanke, the property of the Teutonic Knights from the 13th century and designed beautiful arc of funeral chapels reminiscent of classical buildings at the entrance to Ljubljana’s main cemetery, Žale.

The house (Plečnikova hiša/ Plečnik house) in Trnovo where Plečnik moved into in 1921 is opened for public. The house contains rooms displaying the artist’s valuable original furniture and personal objects, a collection of clay, plaster and wooden models of various projects, Plečnik’s personal library and his drawing utensils. Today, visitors can see the entrance hall, the corridor, the kitchen, the bedroom with the bathroom, the small reception room, the spiral staircase, the master’s studio on the upper floor and the winter garden. Due to the exceptional circumstances and intimacy of the site, the house can only be visited as part of guided tours.

At the moment there are few options where you can follow the steps of this amazing architect. You can join Walking tour of Plečnik’s Ljubljana, visit an exhibition „Plečnik above the City“ at the Ljubljana castle or photo exhibition City with Plečnik’s Signature at Jakopič Promenade.

Plečnik House opening times:

Tuesday–Sunday: 10.00–18.00
Monday: Closed

Guided tours of the Plečnik House start at every full hour, last one starting at 5.00 pm.

20th Slovenian Incoming Workshop (SIW)

The 20th Slovenian Incoming Workshop (SIW), the flagship event of Slovenian tourism industry, took place in Ljubljana from 11th to 13th May 2017.

Slovenian Touris Board was extremely proud to host 188 participants coming from 146 different companies and 42 countries, and 220 Slovenian partners from 130 different companies.

It was our pleasure to be a part of the event, meeting new partners for future cooperations, presenting Slovenia to foreign visitors and enjoying time with our fellow tourism partners.

Looking forward to be a part of the event also in 2018.

Ljubljana, Slovenia: An Overlooked Gem Of Europe

The term ‘hidden gem’ gets thrown around a lot when talking about Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Despite the growth in tourism, most people don’t know much about this beautiful little European city with great food, friendly people, and beautiful sights. It wouldn’t be described as off-the-beaten track, although it certainly hasn’t been fully discovered by mass tourism.

Overall Ljubljana has to be one of the most friendly and easy to get around cities in Europe. It is a very small city, you can easily walk around on foot which makes a change from most European cities. As a very clean and green city it’s no surprise that it has been awarded the European Green Capital award in 2016. You can easily hire a bike from one of the many racks around the city, one of them is also in our hotel.


Here are opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors, for

Slovenia’s (Burgeoning) Fairy Tale of a City

Ljubljana got nothing but praise in the article for New York Times travel. It was described as an ancient fable and the compelling photos shows how lovely city it is – a good blend of art, culture, food and beautiful sights. At Hotel Cubo we were honoured to be featured among hotels that were recommended for the stay.





How Ljubljana manages to be eco-friendly without losing its historic charm

Ljubljana truly is and a city with a green soul. With ample green space, accessible public transportation, and dedicated residents, it’s no wonder Ljubljana is the European Green Capital of 2016.

Read what Simon Heptinstall has wrote about our green capital for the Daily Mail.


Each year a different city in Europe announces it is the Continent’s new ‘Green Capital’ for the next 12 months. The hope is that tourists will flock there in droves, but in most cases the award seems to have nothing to do with making better holidays for visitors – and a lot to do with enlarging the egos of local politicians.

So I sighed deeply when I was invited to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, which holds the title this year. I feared I would be spending my weekend touring a new sustainable sewage works. Slovenia forms the northern part of the former Yugoslavia. It includes a short section of the Adriatic coast and the southern foothills of the Alps.

Given Ljubljana’s history as a provincial city behind the Iron Curtain for 50 years, I was expecting Soviet-style tower blocks, lingering damage from the Yugoslavian civil war, and grumpy folk driving rusty cars. Instead, I got a huge surprise.

This pretty capital turns out to be one of Europe’s lucky cities. It has escaped any major war damage over the past 100 years. Even the token ‘ten-day war’ –when Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 – left no scars.

Visitors will find a charmingly intact historic city centre, with old streets lined by baroque and art nouveau buildings either side of a graceful river, and a landmark hill topped by an old castle. It’s a beautiful, clean city that’s a pleasure to walk around.

So what has Ljubljana done to deserve its new Green Capital title? Well, I have to say the authorities have done a good job. Traffic is banned from the city centre and parking is largely confined to underground car parks. Rubbish bins? They’re tubes that lead to underground recycling collection points.

City officials are so proud of the quality of the local water that they’ve installed 17 water fountains. Many shops and restaurants serve organic produce.

And there are free electric taxis and free public bicycles, too, which all makes Ljubljana the perfect weekend destination for ‘greens’ – and everyone else, too.

Article: here.


One of the best ways to spend a warm summer evening after work, is to sit back and relax with friends or co-workers while sipping on your favourite cocktail or a glass of good wine.

Last Thursday, 25.8.2016 was again a time for enjoyment and socializing at the after work party, accompanied by selected Gin & Tonic cocktails served in 6 different ways and some delicious bites from our brand new snack menu. Cubo Thursdays are one of the “can’t miss” happy hours in town for those who enjoy drinks with a unique flavor and twist in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

We are looking forward to see you at our next Cubo Thursday after work party!




Plan your visit to the National Gallery

National Gallery was renovated in January 2016 is one of the main attractions at the moment in the city of Ljubljana. The beautiful gallery that is located approximately 5 minute walk from our hotel and is really worth a visit. Here are our tips for a full and varied day.

Start your morning with a late and rich breakfast at hotel Cubo. It may be a cliché, but we’re proud to say we really do believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our staff will be more than happy to welcome you during the week from 6:30 to 11:00 and on weekends from 7:00 to 12:00 in the hotel restaurant, located on the first floor of hotel.

After continue to The National Gallery of Slovenia which is the main art museum in Slovenia and holds the country’s largest fine art collection from the late medieval period up to the early twentieth century. It was founded as early as 1918 as the National Gallery Society with the aim of establishing a museum for Slovenian fine arts. A completely reorganised and expanded permanent exhibition of the collections returned to public view in January 2016, following an extensive renovation of the Narodni dom palace. For all of the current exhibitions and projects, that are going on click here.

After your visit, you enjoy a cup of coffee or a piece of cake in the café and confectionery, which is next to the gift shop inside the gallery. It is perfectly suited for all those who simply wish to take in the magnificent ambience of the National Gallery and having a reviving break. It has a view on one of the most important Baroque monuments in Slovenia – the Fountain of the Three Rivers by Francesco Robba.

National gallery is located on Prešernova street 24 and just across the street, you can then take a short walk along Plečnik’s Promenade that brings you from the roads and cobbled streets of Ljubljana to Tivoli Park, Ljubljana’s largest and most beautiful Park, considered being the city’s green lungs. You can also stop at Cekin Mansion, that is located at the end of the promenade and houses the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia.

The perfect ending of the day would be a late lunch at our brand new summer terace in front of the hotel, where you can enjoy daily lunch or a variety of snacks on a sunny day. You can also treat yourself with a glass of wine or one of our summer cocktails. In case you would preffer more private dinning choose our picnic basket and enjoy relaxing evening in Tivoli garden.

National Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am – 6pm and on Thursdays from 10am – 8pm. The price for the regular ticket is 7 euros and they have free admission on the first Sunday of each month.

We wish you a pleasant visit!



By capital city standards, Ljubljana is tiny. Slovenia’s biggest city only has 287,000 residents and you can walk from one side of the historic centre to the other in 15 minutes. But in this case small is beautiful, or as they say – “small by surface area, large by quality of life”. Yes you could probably whip around the city sights in a day if you wanted to, but it’s more of a place to slow down, relax and let yourself fall in love – and here are five reasons why.

Relaxed atmosphere, beauty, history, culture and its greenness are 5 reasons why you fell in love with Ljubljana, describes travel blog On The Luce. You can read more in the following article.