Silvestrovanje v hotelu CUBO


Silvestrska večerja


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We chose this hotel, based on the comments of others. It is wonderful. Staff are all friendly and helpful. The rooms are superb and spacious with every modern feature. The restaurant food is great and very reasonably priced. Cubo surpasses every five star hotel we have stayed in: it really is a magical experience. We stayed three days and would like it to have been thirty days. There are only 26 rooms, so it is probably a good idea to book well in advance.


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Naše sobe?


Enoposteljna soba

Tri enoposteljne sobe za umirjeno udobje z občutkom elegance.

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Dvoposteljna soba

14 dvoposteljnih sob z zakonskim ležiščem (double) in 7 dvoposteljnih sob z ločenima ležiščema (twin).

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Junior apartma

Dva razkošna apartmaja z veliko okroglo posteljo in panoramskim pogledom na grad.

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